What do we offer?

  • Distance education study courses

  • Engineering studies NATED

  • N1 -N6 certificates

  • Engineering studies N6 Diploma

  • Installation Rules Paper 1 & Paper 2 for wireman’s licence – single phase and three phase

  • Specialised Codes Paper 1 & Paper 2 for Master Wireman’s licence

  • MDDOP (Multi Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice)

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Civil
    • Structural Steel

Take Note, what we do NOT offer:

  • An extension of High school courses

  • Replacement of alternative high school courses

  • Engineering degrees

  • Extension of academic home schooling

  • Practical workshop training

** It is commonly misperceived that N3 is a replacement for matric. N3 is parallel to matric but not a replacement

Registration Process

Please follow the root of our registration flow chart

  • Decide your profession or trade

  • Decide on relevant subjects to the trade you have chosen

  • Download enrolment form

  • Complete enrolment form

  • Submit enrolment form and i.d copy online or at our office

  • Submissions will be confirmed via an E -number for online submissions or a T-number for office submissions

  • Quotation will be received

  • Only once quotation is received , payment can be made via an eft. Banking details and relevant reference number will appear on quotation. NO PAYMENTS SHOULD BE MADE WITHOUT A QUOTATION.

    Payment can also be made at the office. Card facilities are available.

  • Once payment is received your study package will be compiled

  • The office will contact you as soon as the study package is ready for collection

  • Courier packages will also be couriered once it is ready for dispatch

  • Once study material is received , candidate is registered. No changes can be made

Group Study

Classroom Assistance – Day

Day Class Assistance are conducted once a week per subject accordingly to a pre-set timetable at our main campus.

All classed are limited by the amount of applicants and implemented accordingly.

Current day class assistance subjects:

  • N1 – only Metalworker’s Theory
  • N1 – N2 Fitting & Machining Theory
  • N3 – only Mechanotechnology
  • N1 – N3 Mathematics
  • N1 – N3 Engineering Science
  • N1 – N3 Electrical Trade Theory
  • N1 – N3 Industrial Electronics
  • N1 – N3 Motor Trade Theory
  • N1 – N3 Diesel Trade Theory
  • N1 – N3 Engineering Drawing

Classroom Assistance – Q & A (Day Class Only)

This is a new assistance offered where the lecturer will assist the students with examination preparation on question and answer basis.

All classes are limited by the amount of applicants and implemented accordingly.  Currently only available in day time.

Classes available in the same subjects as Day Class Assistance.


Individual Study

This is also known as CORRESPONDENCE EDUCATION where the candidate study on its own.

The study package will consist out of:

  • A textbook
  • Old question papers with memorandums
  • An assignment that needs to be completed for a term mark. A candidate must achieve 40% or more for examination admission.

If a candidate needs assistance with the subject, questions and answers can be e-mailed to Ntek.  Alternatively a one-on-one appointment with our lecturers can also be arranged by appointment.


Electronic Support